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The Home Building Suite includes:
1. The Home Building Guide  [View Table of Contents]
2. Healthy Home Building Tips  [View Details]
3. Full Set of CAD House Plans  [View Details]
4. Sample Set of Specifications.
5. Sample Building Contract.
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The House and Home Building Suite will show you how to save thousands on your building project. If you are building an average sized home in the U.S. ($150,000), you could save 5-10% of the construction cost ($5000-$10,000).

And you can realize these savings without being your own general contractor. This is important because serving as the general contractor building a home is a full-time job; and few people have that much free time. Even if you had the time, without the practical experience you'd have a difficult, if not impossible, task.

You should contract a builder, who will be responsible for the construction. He is your homebuilding expert and you should utilize his expertise.

The Home Building Suite is packed with practical advice and many money and time saving tips. Get educated before contracting a builder and jumping into the building process or you could lose thousands.

By putting into practice the money and time saving tips in the Home Building Suite, you can easily pay for its cost hundreds of times over.
Saving Real Money
What homeowners must know about builders.

What questions to ask while interviewing a builder.

How to audit a prospective builder's construction site.

Why a credit check on both yourself and your builder is important.

How to compare builders' bids "apples to apples".

Why your specifications must be detailed.

Which clauses are most important in the building contract.

How to enforce the contract if your builder doesn't comply.

Twelve major items on which you can easily avoid a builder's markup.

Why builders love change orders and why it's critical to avoid them.

How to assemble your punch list.

Why all warranties are not alike and which warranties to avoid.

Why homeowners have the leverage in the building process.

Five items you can delay or postpone if you are short on money.
Insider Secrets
What Builders Don't Want You To Know
Even More Information in the Home Building Suite
Includes a full set of house plans, specifications, and building contract.

Why 98% of people shouldn't be their own general contractor.

How to save thousands without being the general contractor.

How to avoid the nightmares of construction and gain peace of mind

Why you need a good builder.

How to choose the right builder.

The best and easiest way to develop your floor plan.

Thirty important questions to examine when buying land.

How to check if your land is near an environmentally contaminated site.

How to build an environmentally safe and healthy house.

Your local electrical utility might pay for this publication many times over.

Two things you can do yourself to save money.

Twenty-nine convenience tips that will save you money and time.

Why the right credit card is important and how it can save you hundreds.
The Home Building Suite Includes:

The Home Building Suite includes not just a single document, but a set of documents to put you in the driver's seat of your homebuilding project.

1. The House and Home Building Guide. [View Table of Contents]
2. Healthy Home Building Tips. [View Details]
3. Full Set of CAD House Plans. [View Details]
4. Sample Set of Specifications.
5. Sample Building Contract.

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