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Plan3D ~ 3-Dimensional Online Home Design Tool Plan3D ~ 3D Online Home Design Tool
Not exactly free; but at $2.95 month, close to it.
Plan3D allows you to design and view a realistic 3D model of your home design ~ right in your browser; or, you may download the program to your hard-drive. Remodel kitchens, bathrooms, or design your entire home in life-like reality! You get 1000's of objects - furniture, cabinets, appliances, landscaping and more - all you need to arrange your home the way you want it. A cost estimator is included to help keep your designs cost effective.
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TurboCAD 17 Deluxe 2D/3D TurboCAD 17 Deluxe 2D/3D
With TurboCAD® 17 Deluxe 2D/3D your options are unlimited. Hundreds of professional drafting and design tools, incredible file support, video and interactive tutorials, photorealistic rendering and drag-and-drop symbols provide everything you need to create presentation-ready home plans, technical drawings, mechanical designs, artistic illustrations, crafts, school projects and more. BONUS – CAD Fundamentals 2D Training for TurboCAD – A $50 Value!
TurboCAD 17 Professional 2D/3D TurboCAD 17 Professional 2D/3D
The premium design software solution that’s delivered exceptional value to both 2D and 3D users for over twenty years. It’s complete 2D drafting and 3D surface and solid modeling toolset includes many of the most advanced technologies in the industry—ACIS® solid modeling, D-Cubed constraints, and Lightworks® photorealistic rendering. Expert tools for architectural and mechanical design offer greater productivity and enhanced workflow, as does interoperability with nearly 40 CAD and graphic formats.
DoubleCAD XT Pro - Innovative 2D CAD that works like AutoCAD LT, at about half the price DoubleCAD XT Pro - Download Free Trial
Want to get more powerful architectural drafting & detailing capability (as in fully associative, 2D views and hatched sections, even from xrefs)? Or more sophisticated features, tools, and file filters for mechanical design? DoubleCAD™ XT Pro is the powerful upgrade to DoubleCAD ™ XT. It's an AutoCAD LT® work-alike. But better. For about half the price. DoubleCAD™ XT Pro is a great companion to AutoCAD® and an excellent drafting complement to popular mechanical design package such as SolidWorks®, Pro/ENGINEER®, and Solid Edge®. With so many new, innovative features, you'll think DoubleCAD™ XT Pro is the upgrade for AutoCAD® LT, too.
TurboFLOORPLAN 3D - Home & Landscape Pro TurboFLOORPLAN 3D - Home & Landscape Pro
TurboFLOORPLAN 3D Home & Landscape Pro is award-winning home and landscape design software. More professional quality tools make it easy to quickly layout your dream home to exact specifications. Increase the value of your home by updating your kitchen or bathroom. Be your own interior decorator applying real world colors, materials and custom lighting to walls, furniture and cabinets. Create beautiful landscapes with gardens, pathways, deck or patio choosing from 7,500 plants. Then take a virtual walkthrough and see your designs in photorealistic 3D. Even reduce your energy bills and fight global warming with new “Green Home”. Simply dream it and design it in TurboFLOORPLAN 3D!
TurboFLOORPLAN - Landscape & Deck TurboFLOORPLAN - Landscape & Deck
Create the perfect outdoor living experience for you and your family with beautiful landscaping with gardens, decks, pathways and sheds. Select from over 7,500 plants, flowers, shrubs and trees to create the look you want. Then watch them grow by changing their age, or see what they'll look like through the seasons. For Architects, Hobbyists, Illustrators, Engineers, Contractors, Builders, Educators, and Students.
DesignCAD v20 DesignCAD v20
A versatile and easy-to-use CAD program designed to help you get started quickly. Simple operations make it easy to produce accurately scaled architectural and mechanical drawings. Create, edit, scale, move, rotate and copy individual objects. A full complement of 2D drafting and design tools, drawing layers, snap, hatch patterns, and full dimensioning capability are included.
DesignCAD 3D MAX v20 DesignCAD 3D MAX v20
Combines easy to use 2D drafting with powerful and precise 3D modeling to unleash your imagination and creativity. Easily design anything with its intuitive interface and extensive online help libraries. DesignCAD 3D MAX is the versatile CAD tool for beginners and advanced users. Use a complete set of 2D drafting and design tools, including drawing layers, hatch patterns and full dimensioning capability, and render 3D models with materials or textures for added impact.
CADsymbols® CD v4 CADsymbols® CD v4
The most extensive collection of standard parts and symbols available containing over 30 million symbol drawings and models in 2D/3D view and freely revolving 3D models. CADsymbols is perfect for Architects, mechanical engineers, drafters and non-professionals who want to directly download complex symbols into their drawings instead of create them from scratch. Supports both imperial and metric measurements. CADSymbols CD Contains: Architectural, Mechanical, Electronic, and Electrical Symbols.