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Homeplanning Guidelines: Plans to fit your lifestyle

Building Site:
Several factors directly affect the planning process and must be considered to select a home site: Location, Lot Size, and Environment.

Is the neighborhood accessible and convenient to your work, shopping, and schools? Research zoning ordinances and restrictions on the lot and neighboring properties, including allowed uses, size of living area, styles and materials. Are utilities, such as water, sewer, electricity, gas, phone and cable available?

Lot Size:
What is the size of the lot? Also, building lines, setbacks, servitudes, and easements must be considered to determine the buildable area. It's important that your house "footprint" does not exceed....

Tips to assist you in selecting the right house plans

What should a good set of plans include?
Construction contracts are based on the plans:

The plans must comply with national and local building codes, and include all drawings, specs, and schedules necessary for take-offs, bidding, permits, and construction.

Building contract and plans must bind the builder and sub-contractors to complete construction in an honest, orderly, and timely manner.

The drawing sheets shown here represent a typical set of plans, but each home design may require more or less drawings and sheets...

Home planning questionnaire to establish your needs

This form is an important part of your home design process.

Total number of square feet desired under roof: __________

Desired number of square feet heated area: __________

Absolute maxim square feet heated area: __________

Have you included walls in your square foot calculations?
Walls could add 200-300 square feet to your results.

Cost per square foot goal: ____________

Proposed new home budget: __________

Checklist for the interview with your homebuilder
Courtesy of the Home Building Suite

Please provide us with the following information:

Builder #____ : ____________________________

How long have you been in business? __________

Have you or your partners worked under other names? __________

How many homes do you build per year? __________

How many homes do you build concurrently?__________

How much time do you spend on your construction sites personally
supervising the building process? __________

Falling Waters Print by Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Print   by Frank Lloyd Wright

Free Falling Water 3D model & CAD program

Visit the Wright on the Web  Website.
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